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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Birmingham. The best property investments you can make in the West Midlands. A Birmingham estate agency has analysed the property market since 2011 and discovered which homes have been the best investment.

Best Property InvestmentsSemi-detached and terraced houses in the West Midlands have proven to be the best property investments in the past decade.

Birmingham estate and lettings agent Barrows and Forrester found that although detached homes have seen the highest growth of any property type in Scotland (3.21 per cent), North East England (2.17 per cent), and Yorkshire & Humber (3.54 per cent) between 2011 and 2021, this is not the case in the West Midlands.

Semi-detached and terraced homes led the way in the West Midlands with a growth of 4.38 per cent over ten years, while detached properties were just under at 4.36 per cent.

Average growth of apartments in the region was 3.22 per cent.

Across the country, the average annual rate of price growth for a semi detached home in East of England was 5.34 per cent, in South East England it was 5.24 per cent, and in South West England 4.33 per cent. In the North West of England average growth came in at 4.17 per cent over the ten-year period, while for Wales it was 3.82 per cent.

Terraced houses have seen the strongest average annual growth among all property types in the East Midlands (4.82 per cent), London (6.59 per cent), and the West Midlands.

Despite enjoying overall average growth of 4.10 per cent across Great Britain, flats have not led the way in any specific regions. In fact, price growth for flats has consistently ranked bottom across the board in every part of the nation – in the West Midlands it was just 3.22 per cent compared to an England average of 4.30 per cent.

We found this article about The best property investments you can make in the West Midlands on Birmingham Live. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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