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Homeless Housing Deemed Unlawful

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Birmingham. Birmingham council’s homeless housing deemed unlawful. High Court judges have said Birmingham City Council was operating an unlawful system for providing temporary accommodation.

Homeless Housing Deemed UnlawfulFamilies in need of temporary housing, it said, were left in unsuitable homes while the council sought properties. The court heard families were left in the inappropriate accommodation for considerable amounts of time. The council said it will appeal against the ruling and said there was a national housing shortage.

In Friday’s High Court judgement, judges found the council “had been operating an unlawful system for the performance of its main housing duty under the Housing Act 1996” by leaving tenants in unsuitable housing while it looked for alternative accommodation.

The judgement relates to four claimants.

Claimant A

Claimant A is disabled with multiple serious health conditions and requires a power wheelchair and has been in a two-bedroom bungalow since 2018.

It was deemed the property needed adaptations to meet her needs and the council initially instructed contractors to make the changes, but later withdrew the plans, as the accommodation was temporary.

In the subsequent years, the home has not been adapted and a suitable permanent residence has not been found for Claimant A.

Claimant B

Claimant B and his wife share their two bedroom housing association house with their six children, one of whom is severely disabled.

They applied to the council for suitable accommodation in 2018 but they have remained in the property while an alternative was sought.

In 2020, Claimant B was offered a second floor flat. He refused it due to access problems for his disabled child, and was subsequently removed from the housing register in January.

We found this article about Birmingham council’s homeless housing deemed unlawful on BBC News. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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