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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Birmingham. Birmingham has Strong property investment opportunities.

Birmingham retained its spot as the UK’s startup capital outside of London for the seventh year running. As business prospects continue to excel even during challenging times, housing and investment in the city are following suit.

During 2020, 18,394 new enterprises opened in Birmingham. This is the highest volume of startups outside of London and is a 26.8% increase from 2019. Despite the challenges many businesses faced in 2020, startup growth remained resilient in this growing city in the West Midlands.

Across the UK, lockdown restrictions naturally impacted the rate of new business formations throughout the year. However, the data from think-tank Centre for Entrepreneurs shows that the West Midlands and London saw the strongest recovery with 62% growth in June.

Strong property investment opportunities

Strong property investment opportunitiesAs the city’s business prospects continue to improve, the housing market has seen vast improvements at the same time. With major investment coming to the city, recent transport improvements have played a particularly significant part in the city’s growing appeal.

The Birmingham property market is even the most valuable in the UK outside of London. Transaction levels and house prices have been on the rise, and recent reports forecast the city’s house prices to increase further in the coming years.

Often dubbed the UK’s second city, both domestic and overseas buyers are increasingly looking at Birmingham as a buy-to-let property hotspot. And the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, along with the the construction of the HS2, will further boost the city on a national and global scale.

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