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Save Money When Moving

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Birmingham. How to save money when moving house – top tips to cut costs of selling your home. Moving house can be expensive as well as stressful but there are ways to keep costs down.

Anyone who has moved house will know it can be eye-wateringly expensive, as well as stressful.

The deposit, estate agent’s fees, solicitor’s fees, removal costs, stamp duty, valuations and surveys, redirecting your mail, hiring a cleaner – it can soon add up and be quite a shock.

1. Use an alternative type of estate agent

Online agents tend to be cheaper than their traditional high street equivalent. They come with certain upsides, as they can give you more exposure, as well as more control over the selling process.

2. Negotiate fee with estate agent

If you decide to go for a traditional high street agent, it’s worth negotiating hard on commission.

3. Explore whether to remortgage

If you’re buying and moving somewhere else you may be able to port your current mortgage.

4. Choose your solicitor wisely

They say time is money, so ideally you want the selling process to be as streamlined as possible.

5. Avoid the estate agent’s conveyancer or surveyor

If an estate agent refers you to a conveyancers or surveyor it’s likely they will receive referral fees, and these costs can be passed onto you as the consumer.

6. Consider DIY moving/removals

Using a removal firm is expensive, as it costs around £1,200-£1,500 for a three-bed house moving 50 miles.

Save Money When Moving7. Book removals in good time

While removals are pricey you can get significant discounts if you book well in advance. For this you need to have a completion date established as early as possible – a good agent, solicitor or surveyor can help make this happen.

8. Pack wisely and disassemble large items in advance

Whether you decide to go for a DIY move or use a removals service, pack efficiently.

9. Select your moving day carefully

A cleverly calculated choice of dates around public holidays may help with reducing how much annual leave you use up.

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