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Without A Fair Deal

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Birmingham. Homeowner refuses to leave last house on deserted Birmingham street ‘without a fair deal.’ The National Express bus driver is locked in a dispute with Birmingham City Council over the Gildas Avenue property.

The owner of a house earmarked for demolition has said he will challenge the city council. He will, if he doesn’t receive a suitable offer.

Without A Fair DealCarl Harris lives on deserted Gildas Avenue in Kings Norton. Which is set to be transformed into part of a new 117-home estate following planning approval last month.

Mr Harris has been locked in discussions with Birmingham City Council since 2006. It is yet to come to an agreement for the four-bedroom house.

He said the council has now begun proceedings for a proposed compulsory purchase order. Which he will challenge in the High Court if he is not offered enough to be able to afford another house in the same area.

Mr Harris, 64, a National Express bus driver, said he has been offered £120,000 in writing.

It is for the house but said he would need £150,000 to £160,000 to be able to afford another in the area.

The father of one has lived at his current address for nearly 30 years. And said he believed it would be possible to build two or even three houses on the property. It includes land he owns adjacent to the house.

The road was at one point notorious for crime after houses were deserted ahead of the redevelopment. And the house has previously been burgled.

He said problems have “eased off” to an extent. But said he still sees cars stopping outside his house which he suspects is his property being cased for break-ins.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service has approached Birmingham City Council for comment.

We found this article about Homeowner refuses to leave last house on deserted Birmingham street ‘without a fair deal’ on BriminghamLive. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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